How was Olitvn launched?

  1. T4VN (February 2015)

    Founded on February 22, 2015, with name T4VN.

    After many years of development, T4VN has launched many software solutions and online websites like:

    Windows: Transfer Images to Icon - Traiicon (December 2014)Blog: Informatics tricks (March 2015)
    Windows: I Protect Your Eyes - iPYE (January 2015)PHP: Coffee management (February 2016)
    Windows: Coffee management (November 2015)ASP.NET MVC: T4Travel DongThap (May 2017)
    Windows: Game Math for Kids (July 2015)Blog: Guide SEO (June 2018)
    Android: Game Math for Kids (September 2015)
    Windows: Irregular verbs - IrrVer (January 2016)
    Android: Irregular verbs - IrrVer (March 2016)
    Windows: View information Wifi - View Info Wifi (July 2016)
    Windows: Restaurant manager (January 2017)
    Android: Dong Thap tourism - T4Travel DongThap (May 2017)
    Android: Game Fly To The End (November 2018)

    Since 2019, T4VN will officially say goodbye after 4 years of operation and change to a new name with more modern improvements than is Olitvn.

  2. Olitvn (December 2018)

    After many improvements and build on many different platforms from T4VN, December 7, 2018 officially renamed from T4VN to Olitvn with domain

    Olitvn is not only different from the name, also developed in a new direction. It provides online solutions from software to websites, the development field will be larger than the old T4VN:

    1. Develop platforms available for website developers
      - Provide image compression solutions for websites tested by Google tools
      - Provides library solutions and APIs for fast coding and decoding for ASP.NET web systems
    2. Provide comprehensive SEO solutions for a website
      - Improve web page loading speed by providing Windows Hosting packages
      - Improve security by providing SSL packages for domain names
      - Stay up to date and find the latest SEO solutions from Google information
  3. Olitvn is using and trusting